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On 22th May at Baku Expo Centre the 20th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition, WorldFood Azerbaijan 2014, opened. This exhibition, organized by Iteca Caspian LLC and ITE Group Plc with organizational support from the Ministry of Agriculture of THE Republic of Azerbaijan, is recognized as one of the most significant events in the region’s food industry.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister for Agriculture Heydar Asadov noted that the agricultural industry plays an important role in the development of the food industry and agriculture, and stressed the constant attention of the state and the private patronage of President Ilham Aliyev to the industry. In the past five months the President has approved two important documents regulating the further major development of agriculture in our country.

In his speech, the Minister particularly noted the importance of the WorldFood Azerbaijan and AgriHort Azerbaijan exhibitions, which create international opportunities to find new business partners, to strengthen pre-existing business relationships and to present new products. By finding solutions to many of the industry’s problems, the exhibition helps farmers to increase domestic agricultural production, which plays an important role in ensuring food security.

Executive Director of ITE Group Plc Mr Edward Strachan read out the landmark statistics: this anniversary exhibition involves a record number of exhibitors - 242 companies from 36 countries! Italy, Iran, the Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia and Estonia are represented by national stands organized with their governments’ support and coordination from professional associations. Mr E. Strachan thanked the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic, the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), and the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs’ (Employers) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic (ASK) for their support of the exhibition.

The opening ceremony was attended by ministers from Finland, Estonia and Hungary, and deputy ministers from Belarus, Latvia and Georgia. Since WorldFood Azerbaijan first opened its doors in 1995 its popularity has grown, not only in Azerbaijan, but also worldwide. Over the years, the exhibition has been attended by more than 1,400 companies. This grand affair attracts more participants every year. This year the debutant companies, coming from Azerbaijan, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey and Iran, account for 45% of the exhibitors.

The exhibition is unique because it gathers together several areas of the food industry – equipment, food, beverages and packaging. Professional visitors can easily navigate the vast halls, where the exhibitors are concentrated into three main areas: food industry (WorldFood), beverages (WorldDrink) and technologies (WorldFoodTech). Among the participants are the leaders of the agricultural industry in Austria, Belgium, the UAE, the UK, Germany, India, Canada, the USA, Turkey, France and Japan.

The domestic food industry is widely represented by regular participants. Among them are leading companies in the food sector of Azerbaijan: Absheron 2000, Atena, Azersun Holding, Caspian Construction Systems, BakFem, Caspian Fish Co., Gilan, Milla and Shuraabad Gushchulug. Equipment for use in agriculture and poultry farms, greenhouses and irrigation systems, animal and fish feed, and seeds and fertilizers are all on display at the exhibition. The main feature of this year's exhibition is the increasing representation of agricultural machinery, both within Baku Expo Centre and in the outdoor area.

Once again, the organizers have managed to surprise and please the many guests and visitors to World Food Azerbaijan! Here we are surrounded by green branches and boughs, where one can touch and pick juicy fruits. All around are stands, displays and shelves crammed with products. Sweets, chocolate and ice cream coexist alongside meat and canned fish, whole cheeses, honey collections, speciality teas and wine ranges. Thousands of exhibits attract all with their tempting sights, aromas and delicate flavours. This is a real culinary fairytale! Visitors will get the chance to see presentations, master classes and take advantage of a variety of interesting offers from the best manufacturers in the food industry.



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